Quiz / Riddle : Wo sind wir? Where is this place? Try your luck, you can win a gift.


Versuch Dein Glück.

1. Preis / Prize:  Original abstract – ink – acryl painting / Postcard size

2. Preis / Prize:  1 Roll Marabou Chocolate

3. Preis / Prize:   DarthVader mini „SurpriseEgg“ / Ü-Ei

Einsendeschluß / Deadline: 08.05.13


Bed doesn’t count as answer. Das Bett zählt nicht als Antwort 😉

    • Sophia on

      Congratulations Hannah. Yeah, sure it’s IKEA .. 🙂 You will  get all 3 small gifts, because you were the only one who knew it, even if you are in Australia. We will contact you in order to find out your exact address. Snart. Ursäkta min svenska är dålig. 😉 Best wishes.

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