Major Lazer Presents: Chronixx & Walshy Fire – Start a Fyah Mixtape


Check out Chronixx (the junior of reggae singer Chronicle) mixed by Walshy Fire from Black Chiney Soundsystem for the Major Lazer Project.



1. Start A Fyah
2. Warrior
3. Modern Warfare
4. Take it Easy Freestyle (Major Lazer)
5. Odd Ras Remix (Major Lazer)
6. ZJ Liquid Skit- Behind Curtain/Medly (Major Lazer)
7. When I see you
8. Ex
9. I am Chronixx
10. Stepping Hard
11. Chronixx Speaks/Perfect Tree
12. Plant it
13. Somewhere
14. Capatilist
15. No Love For You Freestyle (Major Lazer)
16. Free
17. Beat & A Mic
18. Rain Music
19. Di Youth Dem (Major Lazer)
20. Artchibella Freestyle (Major lazer)
21. Chronixx Speaks/They Dont know
22. Get Free Freestyle (Major Lazer)

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